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PeopleStrategy Human Capital Management solutions provide the technology foundation you need to build a stronger, more effective people strategy.

eHCM Manages Everything Talent

Today’s HR professionals today are focusing a significant amount of their time and energy on ensuring their company has the right talent in the right positions at the right time. And don’t forget about making sure that talent is empowered, engaged and extremely satisfied! Not much to ask for, right?! Well, with the right HR technology by your side, you can accomplish a lot more than you realize.

PeopleStrategy eHCM™ is an end-to-end Human Capital Management (HCM) solution featuring integrated Talent Acquisition, HR, Payroll, Benefits Administration, Workforce Management, Performance and Reporting, providing the features and functionality you need to attract, manage, engage and retain your talent efficiently and effectively. 

Empower Your Talent with Self-Service

Employee and Manager Self-Service lies at the core of PeopleStrategy’s Human Capital Management Suite. Self-service empowers your employees and managers with 24/7 access (desktop and mobile) to their personal, benefits and employment data, all housed in a central online location. Say goodbye to piles of paperwork and numerous calls to HR for help. PeopleStrategy eHCM creates a more self-sufficient and empowered workforce, providing more time to focus on strategic initiatives that contribute to the company’s bottom line.

Engage, Retain & Analyze Your Talent

Understanding that HR technology is only valuable if your employees actually use it, PeopleStrategy designed eHCM with an intuitive and visually pleasing user interface to help increase employee adoption and usage.

The ability to share and post important company documents and news or to receive reminders of important employee dates (i.e. birthdays, anniversaries, etc.) can help you increase employee engagement. More engaged employees are proven to be have higher job satisfaction and to be more productive.

Integrated Performance Management allows you to align company and individual goals as well as conduct online evaluations for a simpler, faster and more pleasant performance review process. Imagine an annual performance review process you and your employees don’t dread!

Finally, the data you can easily capture, share and access across the entire eHCM platform is extremely valuable in assessing the overall health of your organization. With eHCM, that data is at your fingertips in real-time so you can generate the compliance and internal reports you need quickly, easily and accurately.

Trish McFarlane, CEO, H3 HR Advisors
Join us on May 18, 2016 from 12 – 1 PM Eastern to hear Trish McFarlane, CEO of H3 HR Advisors, discuss the impact of current HCM trends on HR strategy and planning. With extensive experience as a practitioner and industry analysts, Trish will challenge you to look to future-facing business measures instead of just past benchmarks, helping you to focus on your organization’s vision instead of on it’s past. Register Today!

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eHCM Mobile: convenient access where you want, when you want

View Your Benefits

With eHCM Mobile, you can securely access important personal and company information – like a summary of your benefits information – from any mobile device, at any time, in real-time. No waiting for data to download – the information is available instantly via any HTML5-compatible smartphone or tablet. It’s the way business is done today!

Check Your Paycheck

It’s Saturday morning. You’re enjoying a quiet cup of coffee on your soon-to-be old couch. Before you head out to find the perfect new leather sofa and recliner, you should probably make sure your paycheck was deposited. Pull out your smartphone, login into eHCM Mobile and, voila!, you instantly know your check was successfully deposited. Spend away!

Request Time Off

eHCM Mobile makes it even easier to request time-off, view time-off history and find out whether or not a request has been approved. As soon as you know you need some time away from the office, grab your smartphone or tablet, pull up eHCM Mobile and fire away.