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Steven Payne

SVP, Technology / Info Security

As SVP of Technology and Information Security, Steven Payne sets the company’s technology and information security direction based on his in-depth knowledge of the industry, including more than 30 years in enterprise technical and executive leadership roles. Steven is a visionary leader able to provide long-range and tactical execution of strategic technology initiatives to catalyze change, build for the future and improve the technology investment.

Before joining PeopleStrategy, Steven spent a combined 11 years working for the IBM Corporation and over 10 years independently as an enterprise technology and performance management architect predominantly in the Fortune 100. He also served as CIO/CTO of Empagio, a global software and services company. Under his technical direction, Empagio’s team created a leading HR Outsourcing product offering for the mid-market, generating over 100 million paychecks per year for its clients.

Steven’s portfolio of work includes architecting the database and supporting infrastructure for: a fighter aircraft maintenance management system for the country of Turkey; one of the largest medical claims history databases in the world; and, large SAP implementations at the largest bottler and largest retailer in the United States. He is an active member of IEEE and InfraGard, a partnership between the FBI and the private sector.