How many times over thWinning Powerball Numberse past week were you asked, “What would you do if you won $1.5 billion?” At least three very lucky winners are asking themselves that exact question today. After being asked this question and reading the article, “Would Your Employees Keep Working in They Won the Powerball?,”  I started thinking the real question to gauge employee “engagement” or job satisfaction should be, “If you won the lottery, would you invest some of your winnings in your current company.”

Think about it. Employees who answer “Yes” are essentially demonstrating their belief in – and support of – your company’s mission, vision, culture, and value. They view your company as a worthwhile investment not only of their continued time (they could be living on a tropical island the rest of their life) but also of their new-found money. Depending on where your company currently is in its development, this means they believe in its continued or future success. Extend this question to your clients. How many of them would invest in your company? What a testament that would be, right?!

The above-referenced article talks about how to create a culture in which employees want to stay even when they don’t have to, but take this one step further and think about what makes, or would make, your company worth a slice of that Powerball pie. The answers will vary from company-to-company, but at the end of the day, if your employees and clients don’t respect what you do, how you do it and why you do it, they will take their money and run (or hide until it’s safe to come forward).

If you want to let your imagination go wild, ask yourself this, “How would you invest $1.5 billion at work?” OK, let’s say $1 million since that seems more feasible. Which pain points and challenges would you tackle first? Would you invest in new technologies? Implement new employee-focused programs and services? Hiring more people? Launch a new product or service? As you finalize your 2016 goals and objectives, consider some of these questions. The answers may help you identify where to invest your time, energy and resources.

Oh, one last thing – if an employee or client comes forward as a winner and he/she/they invest some of their winnings in your company, they may deserve a promotion or a seat on the Board. Just a thought and what a small price to pay!