Efficient HR leads to greater employee engagementRaise your hand if your office has a separate copier, fax and scanner? Hopefully, no hands went up, otherwise you might want to head to OfficeMax or Best Buy and check out the all-in-one copier/scanner/fax machines! Actually, there are probably several reading this blog who don’t remember the days when those machines were separate systems, and probably some asking “what’s a fax machine?”

The point is, thanks to technological advances, three often-used machines were combined into a single device, rendering best-of-breed copiers, scanners and fax machines obsolete. Recognizing the benefits of a single platform, offices around the world replaced individual machines with all-in-one options that saved time and money while increasing efficiency and productivity.

Today, many HR departments are faced with the same situation — multiple systems purchased to manage a single function (payroll, HR, time and attendance, performance management) that don’t communicate or share data. Until recently, this was the best way to automate the myriad of administrative tasks associated with managing the people within your organization.

As employers have become increasingly aware of the insight the data within these disparate systems can provide, the need to be able to share, access and report on this data has become significantly more important for HR managers, particularly within small and mid-sized companies. It has also proved extremely challenging, requiring manual workarounds and manipulation, and often leading to what we call “spreadsheet hell.”

So after you get back from OfficeMax or Best Buy with your new all-in-one copier/scanner/fax :-), it’s time to focus on replacing all of the HR systems that were a great purchase at the time with an all-in-one, enterprise Human Capital Management (HCM) solution. Imagine having one platform to manage your recruiting, onboarding, payroll, HR, time, attendance, benefits administration and performance management. Imagine capturing and storing all of the data required for these areas in a single database, and how easy it would then be to access and report on that data. Imagine having a single, electronic record that employees and managers can access from any device, at any time with a consistent, intuitive user experience that makes employee and manager self-service simple, efficient and enjoyable.

Sounds great, doesn’t it? And the best part is enterprise-class, end-to-end HCM solutions are no longer reserved for Fortune 1000 companies. Small and mid-sized employers have options that provide the same features and functionality that large corporations enjoy at a predictable and affordable price point. The business case for making the move from multiple systems to a single solution – or for automating all of your HR functions – has never been stronger.

Let PeopleStrategy help you build the case you need to gain support at the executive level and throughout your organization. Contact us today and change the way you think about HR.

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