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A Single Source for Comprehensive HR

While technology can help you streamline your administrative tasks, your responsibilities as an HR or Finance professional extend beyond processing payroll and managing open enrollment. Attracting and retaining top talent takes more than just a competitive salary. The benefits and culture you offer is equally important and can make the difference between winning or losing the candidate – or employee – you really want. 

PeopleStrategy offers employers a single source for the technology, employee benefits and administrative services your company needs to attract, manage and retain the employees that will help your company achieve its goals. 

Employee Benefits

The employee benefits landscape has changed dramatically over the past decade.Gone are the days of predictable cost increases, stable benefit offerings and clear regulatory requirements. The introduction of healthcare reform, FSAs/HSAs/HRAs and new compliance requirements have made it extremely challenging to offer a competitive benefits package while controlling costs.

PeopleStrategy tackles these challenges head-on, offering clients a team of employee benefits experts who will work closely with you to optimize your employee benefit program’s financial performance while improving employee satisfaction.


Achieving success takes more than great products and services—you need a knowledgeable, productive workforce to make it all happen. Effectively managing your workforce gets more challenging every day. Whether focusing on quality-of-hire in a competitive market or keeping current with the ever-changing employment laws, it’s easy to get overwhelmed. Even the strongest HR departments can need help.

Working as an extension of your team, PeopleStrategy will help to solidify your core structure and lay the foundation for growth. We strive to stay one step ahead of workplace trends to ensure we recommend and implement a forward-minded approach to your HR and technology solutions. Best of all, you can select only the services you need.

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