Take the Cancel COVID Challenge!

As states and businesses begin to slowly reopen, our schools, restaurants, stores, sports venues and office spaces will be very different from what we once knew. Masks, hand sanitizer, wipes and other supplies needed to continue the downward trend of new coronavirus cases and deaths will be in great demand.
And so we introduce Phase II of our Cancel COVID Challenge. To kick it off, PeopleStrategy purchased 500 masks to deliver to clients in greatest need. Can your company accept our challenge to arm our small and mid-sized businesses with the supplies they need to reopen?
PeopleStrategy delivers masks to client, Advance Housing, Inc.

Take the Cancel COVID Challenge Overview

PeopleStrategy was scheduled to exhibit and speak at the Health and Benefits Leadership Conference and, obviously, the event was canceled. Like most trade show exhibitors, we planned to giveaway “chotskies;” ironically, we had ordered branded hand sanitizer (before we even knew COVID-19 existed). Instead of waiting for the next live trade show – who knows when that will be – one of our team members came up with the Take the Cancel COVID Challenge program. 

PeopleStrategy employees will be including hand sanitizer in care packages that will be given to people who are working in essential positions (i.e. UPS/FedEx drivers, healthcare workers, first responders).  In this way, our company can do its small part during this crisis and our employees can make an impact in their local communities.

We are challenging companies like yours to Take the Cancel COVID Challenge and use chotskies, or similar items you have on hand, to help lift the spirits of essential workers across our country. You can follow our lead and create care packages or come up with another idea with the same goal in mind.

Making a Greater Impact

To promote the Challenge and get as many companies involved as possible, we are asking participating companies to take photos of their efforts and to share them on social media using the hashtag #cancelcovidchallenge

We also will be promoting companies that join our efforts so if you decide to Take the Cancel COVID Challenge, please let us know so we can add your company to the list! Just complete the form below! Thanks in advance for your consideration.