In the words of our CEO, Randy Cooper, “We live in a rapidly changing, technology-enabled world.  This world is ‘always on.’  Frankly, we’re always on.  We’re always on our laptops – our smartphones – our tablets. There’s never a time in this day and age that we’re not connected.”

Virtually every aspect of our personal lives can be managed on a smartphone, or even a watch! Shopping – banking – reading – communicating – and so much more. All done with the touch of a finger. It is hard to believe there was a day when computers didn’t exist; in fact, the majority of today’s workforce wouldn’t believe it as they’ve been surrounded by new and emerging technologies since birth.

Our expectation for 24/7 access to intuitive tools to manage our personal lives has spilled into the workplace. And why wouldn’t it? If we can use our phone to reserve a table at our favorite restaurant, read the latest best seller or check in for our flight, why wouldn’t we expect to request time-off, check our pay stub or complete our benefits enrollment the same way?

HR, you have the chance to make a great first impression

As an employer, if you aren’t providing your employees with convenient, easy-to-use technologies to manage their professional lives, you are at a distinct disadvantage when trying to attract, engage and retain top talent. The impression you make starts with your recruiting and hiring processes and continues through onboarding, benefits enrollment and beyond. If your employees and managers cannot complete essential HR-related administrative tasks quickly and easily, you run the risk of losing them.

In a tight, competitive job market, you need every advantage you can get. PeopleStrategy eHCM will bring your HR function into the 21st century, streamlining business processes and reducing administrative costs while empowering your entire organization through self-service / mobile access and providing valuable insight into your company and its people.

Watch the video and change the way you think about HR. Explore new possibilities with PeopleStrategy.