If there is any doubt that our “on the go” society is driven by convenience, on-demand services and instant gratification, just Google the term “mobile app.” 2,040,000,000 results. While that doesn’t mean there are 2 billion mobile apps, it does indicate how mainstream mobile apps have become.

# of available apps in Apple App StoreAccording to statista.com, the two leading mobile app stores worldwide – the Apple App and Google Play stores – had a combined 2.7 million mobile apps available as of February 2015. As of June 2014, almost one year ago, more than 75 billion mobile apps had been downloaded from the Apple App Store. And you might be surprised to learn that not all of those downloads are games.

The top five most popular app categories in the Apple App Store are games (21.45%), business (10.14%), education (9.95%), lifestyle (8.33%) and entertainment (6.76%).[i] While games, lifestyle and entertainment are to be expected, business and education are a bit more surprising, and indicative of how far-reaching mobile devices and mobile apps have become. Apps have moved far beyond pure amusement and a way to pass the time at the doctor’s office, during your commute or on your lunch hour. There are apps that now help you manage not only your personal (banking, bill payment, booking appointments) but also your professional life.

Recognizing the increasing demand in the workplace for tools that provide added convenience, PeopleStrategy recently launched a second-generation mobile app, eHCM Mobile, which allows employees to securely access important personal and company information from any mobile device, at any time. Employees can check their pay stubs and W2 tax statements, request and view time off, view benefits plan information, search an employee directory and view a list of assigned tasks such as onboarding requirements and due dates. Managers can view approvals that have been assigned to them along with when the approval is due. The app is available on iPhone and Android mobile devices.

While mobile capabilities may not be at the top of your list of requirements when choosing an HCM solution, based on the above statistics, it might be for your employees. Think about it.

[i] PocketGamer.biz © Statista 2015