Embracing TechnologyAround 10:15 two nights ago, my daughter was talking to herself, which I thought was odd since she was supposed to be wrapping up her homework. When I asked what she was doing, she replied, “I am having Siri type my final draft,” to which I responded, “What?”

“I am having Siri type my final draft,” she repeated.

“So you are verbally reciting your paper into Notes, and then what do you do, email it to yourself?” I asked.

“Yep,” she giggled nervously, no doubt wondering what my next response would be.

I admit, at first, the writer in me thought, “that’s cheating,” but then I realized she had discovered a way to use technology to make her more efficient and productive. So, I cautioned her to make sure to proofread her paper because we all know Siri is not always the best speller, and then I went to bed!

Open your eyes to the possibilities

My 13-year old opened my eyes to a variety of uses – both personally and professionally – for Siri that I probably would not have imagined. Sure, I use Siri to speak my texts and search the web, but now I will use her to draft my emails, daily to do lists or other notes and whatever else I would typically type.

Professionally, I plan to use Siri to draft my blog posts, articles, email campaigns and other marketing materials. One, I can speak a lot faster than I can type. Two, I can use the hours I spend on my commute to create drafts that I can edit when I get to the office, leaving more time to work on the other tasks on my To Do list. For those who know me, the thought of crossing more off my list makes me ecstatic!

What else do I not know?

This exchange with my daughter made me wonder – what else can I do with the technology I have at home and at work. It made me excited to dive deeper into the tools I have at my disposal and uncover ways to automate and simplify more of my daily tasks. Sure it may take some time to educate and learn how to maximize each technological tool, but I now realize, the efficiency and productivity gains and time saved will be worth the investment.

HR professionals, when will you have your “Siri moment?”

As a marketing professional for a provider of Human Capital Management (HCM) solutions, I spend a considerable amount of time reading and researching the pain points today’s HR professionals face. In my opinion, one of the biggest is juggling the myriad administrative and time-consuming tasks required of HR – think recruiting and hiring, payroll, managing employee data, open enrollment, tracking time and attendance, performance reviews, and the list goes on and on.

Just like my daughter found an easier way to “type” her final draft, HR professionals can find an easier way to manage the essential job requirements. Putting automation to work for you will make you (and your team) more efficient and effective while freeing up time to focus on what matters most – the people in your organization.

What is holding you back? Low budget? No executive buy-in? Fear of change? While valid, taking time to learn more about HCM technology and the significant impact it can have on your entire organization, will help you overcome each of these challenges and more. Trust me, you will be ten times more excited than I was about Siri’s extended uses when you see what automation can do for you.

For those of you already leveraging HR technology, you recognize the benefits of automation, but if you’re not using a single, integrated solution, you may be experiencing inefficiencies of a different nature. If that is the case, you have as much to gain from moving to a single platform as first-timers have to automate! Think about it…no more spreadsheets, duplicate entry or multiple systems to manage.

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Fine print: I did not use Siri for this article but only because I wrote it at the car dealership and thought the others in the waiting room might be concerned about the lady talking to her phone.