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It’s time to shift your focus from engagement to experience

Despite the increased interest and focus on employee engagement over the past decade, the majority of employees today are disengaged which has employers wondering what to do. In a series of blog articles for PeopleStrategy, Ben Eubanks, principal analyst at Lighthouse Advisory, states that it is time for HR professionals to shift their attention from employee engagement to the employee experience. By offering employees a more valuable workplace experience that satisfies their professional needs and expectations, companies can drive satisfaction, engagement and loyalty.

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[Infographic] 5 Keys to Creating Value in the Employee Experience

Infographic research sources 

For more information on the statistics cited in the infographic, check out the links below.

“87% of worldwide employees are unengaged”

“8% of employees are highly engaged when managers and senior leaders are perceived as ineffective”

“44% of employees feel a very strong sense of loyalty to their employer”

“61% of engaged employees feed off colleagues’ creativity as compared to 9% of disengaged employees”

“For one manufacturer, turnover in low-engagement teams averaged 14.5% but for highly engaged teams, turnover came down to 4.1%”

“Companies with engaged workers have 6% higher net profit margins”–Taking-Engagement-to-New-Heights

“Highly engaged retailers see a 20-25% improvement in service scores”