Over the past three months, I have had the “opportunity” to spend more time with doctors than I normally do. Fortunately, all is well! But the experience left me with two thoughts:

1. Life is shorter and far more precious than we truly realize.

2. As technically advanced as our nation is, the amount of paperwork we have to fill out each time we see a new doctor, or have a medical procedure done in a new facility, is extremely frustrating, especially when you just want the (typically) unpleasant and nerve-wracking experience to end as quickly as possible.

I will leave you to ponder and reflect on #1 while I elaborate a bit on #2.

During one of my medical visits, as I was completing yet more paperwork, it dawned on me that the exasperation I was feeling was probably similar to that which someone starting a new job feels if their new employer hasn’t automated the onboarding process. Or how an employee might feel each year during open enrollment if that process is still done on paper. Or how a manager and their employee most definitely feel each year filling our paper-based performance reviews.

Much like I kept asking myself, “How can this not be done once electronically and shared across all my providers?,” I imagine HR administrators, managers and employees working for companies where manual and paper-based processes are still the norm are asking themselves, “Why is there so much paper? Joe at XYZ company does all of this stuff online.” Or, worse, “Do I really want to work for a company that isn’t operating in the 21st century?”

HR technology once reserved for only the biggest and most profitable companies is now affordable for companies of virtually any size. The benefits of automation are tangible (saves time, money and resources), intangible (increases efficiency, productivity and employee satisfaction) and far-reaching. So what are you waiting for?

Watch this brief video to hear what Cindy Hollowell, Solutions Consultant, says about automating one piece of the HR puzzle – talent management – and imagine what an end-to-end solution like PeopleStrategy eHCM can do for your organization.

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