Just good HR technology from a great company

For the past few months, we’ve been preparing for the 2015 HR Technology Conference and Expo, known among the industry as “the world’s leading conference & expo on technology for Human Resource executives and professionals.” Last year was my first adventure into the chaos that is HR Tech – thousands of people, hundreds of booths and a schedule that is apropos in the City of Lights where no one sleeps.

Having been to other trade shows, I thought this would be just like the rest. I was wrong. It was bigger, faster and busier than any I’d seen before. In charge of marketing, I spent most of my time in the Expo Hall where there were more gimmicks, games and attractions than at Six Flags over Georgia. Vendors showed no shame trying whatever they could to draw the crowds to their booth. In some cases, they were effective but one has to wonder about the ROI in an environment where you have a hot minute to make an impression on literally thousands of people walking past your booth.

We opt to do things a little differently…so here is what you can expect from PeopleStrategy.

We will impress you with proven solutions that solve your pain

Our goal is to impress you with our people and our product – not costumes, magicians or “nicely dressed” models. Now don’t get me wrong, our booth will stand out and we will give away cool stuff but that is not our focus. Since last year’s Conference, we’ve spent our time and energy enhancing PeopleStrategy eHCM based on client feedback and what we see driving the market. We believe our investments are better put toward our solution than a prize that may be awesome for the winning individual but does nothing for the company that sent him/her to the Conference.

We will be different from other solution providers

One thing is vividly apparent at HR Tech – you have a multitude of choices when selecting an HR/HCM partner! Trust me, if you are looking a new solution, you will be overwhelmed in the Expo Hall and it will be challenging to recognize the differences between the various solutions. Visit our booth (#2616) and we will explain what makes us different by sharing the key tenets on which we have built our company and our solution, and that we believe provide our clients with significant benefits that our competition cannot deliver.

For those who won’t be at the Conference, below are a few of the key tents that separate us from our competition.

Service Excellence– a key component of employee compensation is determined by our overall client satisfaction rating; as such, each employee has a vested interest in ensuring our clients achieve their business objectives and experience exceptional service

Right Client/Right Terms – we are focused on building successful client relationships, not simply signing contracts; it sounds unbelievable, but we won’t take business where either our company or the client won’t succeed

Experienced & Dedicated Client Team – each client has access to an experienced, highly professional team dedicated to the client’s success and satisfaction

Clear, Consistent Communication – our clients are never left in the dark

Financially Sound & Independent – PeopleStrategy is a privately-held, debt-free company, which means we are not beholden to Wall Street or Venture Capital demands

We will have fun and meet lots of great people (and hopefully several new clients)

After three days, I expect to be exhausted from shaking lots of hands, talking non-stop and running from my room to the Expo Hall many, many times. Okay, and maybe stopping by the craps table once or twice. Our CEO, Randy Cooper, and our president and COO, David Fiacco, will be sharing our past successes and exciting future with more than 20 companies in two days. My booth partner, Tom Hobby, will be conducting demo after demo after demo to those who want to learn how PeopleStrategy eHCM can make life in HR easier, more efficient and more strategic. Because when you leave Sin City, reality is going to smack you in the face, but if you’ve stopped by our booth (#2616), you will be ready to meet reality head-on and take the next step closer to effective human capital management with PeopleStrategy.

Stop by Booth #2616 or call us!

If you are in Vegas next week for HR Tech, please make sure Booth #2616 is on your “Must See” list (right next to Celine Dion, Blue Man Group and “O” by Cirque du Soleil). If Vegas isn’t in your future, contact us at 855.488.4100 or Schedule a Free Demo today.