Technology Architecture

PeopleStrategy offers a proven and reliable HR solution that is designed with the flexibility and scalability to accommodate and adapt to a client’s evolving needs.

Companies looking for a new HR solution often get distracted by the bells and whistles, losing focus on what is most important – a solid foundation. Before you build the spiral staircase or add your crown molding, you have to have the floors, walls and ceilings in place! Make sure the solution you buy is built with a solid architecture that allows for growth and change. 

Latest Technology

While other vendors may refer to their HR solution as “SaaS” or Cloud technology, if their application is not multi-tenant, it’s not a pure SaaS solution. PeopleStrategy was designed from the ground up in true SaaS architecture with one database for multiple tenants. That means upgrades are done one time for all of our clients, in a matter of minutes, allowing you – and us – to focus our time, energy and resources on the next great innovation!

Faster Performance

In-memory computing stores information in the main random access memory (RAM) of dedicated servers rather than in complicated relational databases operating on comparatively slow disk drives. OK, enough of the technical talk. Bottom line, in-memory optimizes your HR solution from PeopleStrategy for performance so it runs faster and more accurately across your entire organization while saving all kinds of space!

Configurable Solution

PeopleStrategy’s HR platform includes extensive functionality that is easy to use and configurable to your organization’s business requirements (beyond reports and color schemes!) ensuring a smoother transition whether you are automating for the first time or changing systems. Our configurable architecture allows you to extend your HR solution which is way better than simple customization.

Stringent Security

PeopleStrategy is delivered as a hosted application to our customers via two data centers, which deliver Tier 1 application service provider (ASP) hosting and monitoring services for our customers. Our data centers (which successfully passed the SSAE-18 audit process) protect our customers’ data and ensure the eHCM product suite is reliable and available when you need it. Rest assured, your data will be safe with us.

eSS Desktop Home Screen

Product Vision

PeopleStrategy started with the vision to transform the way mid-market companies manage their HR, payroll, benefits and talent processes. Today, the vision is real.

When implementing an HR solution, one of your goals should to have as many people in your organization use the tool. Not only will this help you to maximize your return on investment but also provide your employees with a better work experience.

PeopleStrategy designed our system from the “inside out,” meaning with the end user – your employees and managers – in mind. So not only does it offer the latest technology and security mechanisms but also an intuitive, responsive and easily accessible experience to maximize employee adoption and engagement.

Same Experience

For any HR solution to be effective and deliver a strong ROI, employees and managers have to use it. In today’s always-on, connected world, if you want someone to use your solution, you’d better make it easy and convenient. PeopleStrategy is accessible from any mobile device via a mobile browser – no app required – and it provides the same experience across all platforms.

Single Platform

Sure, a best-of-breed point solution will help you perform a single, specialized task more efficiently and effectively. But what happens when you need to report on the data the resides in your siloed systems? Today’s HR professionals have to attract, manage, engage, develop & retain talent; eHCM ensures you can do all of that through one system.


The point of any HR solution is to automate and simplify the administrative tasks that bog down HR and payroll professionals. But to add value, your HR technology should empower the entire organization with self-service; flexible, configurable business processes and universally available and meaningful data. If it doesn’t, you’re missing out.

Simple Pricing

We thought it was time mid-market companies had an option that would meet their business needs and not break the bank. PeopleStrategy offers an overall low total cost of ownership that starts with a cost-effective implementation and deployment and continues with a predictable, “no surprises,” monthly pricing model.