We all have days where we feel like nothing is crossed of our to-do list. For those days, try these three tips to jump-start your productivity.

First, block out tasks on your schedule. What will take 30 minutes? What will take 2 hours? By segmenting your time, you’ll complete your duties without overburdening yourself.

Next, take a really close look at your work-life balance. For a productive 9-to-5, you need to actually stop at 5. And don’t glue yourself to your desk. When you start to feel sluggish, get up, move around, take a walk in the sunshine – whatever gets your mind off work for a few minutes.

Finally, try the ABC 123 method for prioritizing your tasks. A is for impactful strategic projects, B is for your normal duties and C is for the little things, like organizing your desk. Once you’ve assigned your tasks a letter, give them a number: 1 for immediate deadlines, 2 for flexible deadlines and 3 for no deadlines at all.

And don’t forget HR technology. The right HR solution can be the ultimate productivity aid, helping you maximize your time for strategy and collaboration. Thanks for watching.

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