What’s Your People Strategy?

We pride ourselves on providing our clients with exceptional solutions delivered with extraordinary customer service. We are committed to understanding our client’s business and building a solution that will provide a solid foundation that solves their immediate needs and positions them for future growth as their needs evolve and become more complex. We believe that is the best people strategy for our success and the success of our clients. Service Excellence is not just a term we created to differentiate ourselves; it is our way of doing business that ensures we are different from our competitors.

Clients for life

Clients For Life

PeopleStrategy is committed to keeping our Clients for Life. We evaluate our clients as closely as they evaluate us. We believe client retention is philosophy of business that permeates every employee’s attitude and every action that we take to resolve our clients’ issues, help them solve their business problems, and continuously nurture our mutually beneficial relationship. To keep a client for life, we focus on ensuring we have the Right Client, Right Solution and Right Terms throughout the life of the relationship and beyond. Even if a client chooses to part ways, we will continue to serve them in whatever capacity we can to preserve the relationship.

Service Leadership & Agility

We believe dedicated service is better than the next available agent. As such, the focus of our service is to make sure that each client is a right fit for us and that we are a right fit for them. This is an ongoing process begins with our Sales and Account Management teams and is continuously addressed throughout the relationship – from contract signing and solution definition to implementation and client services – we provide the same level of  dedicated client support. It is a key point of differentiation for our business and one we will not lose.

Right Fit
Clear Path

ClearPath Implementation

PeopleStrategy has developed and refined an implementation methodology that gives clients a “clear path” to value by streamlining the process of providing functional access to their new Human Capital Management (HCM) solution. Our proprietary process is structured, transparent and closely managed to ensure minimal client disruption. A typical implementation takes approximately 90 days from when the client signs the contract to the time the client gains full value from the system.

Continuous Improvement

Each client is crucial to our success. That’s why we empower our employees to protect each clients’ business interests as if they are their own; they are responsible for understanding client expectations, developing trusting relationships and resolving issues as they arise. Through periodic surveys and a dedicated client team, we continuously evaluate the value we provide to ensure we satisfy or exceed your expectations. We implore our clients to set their expectations higher and higher so that we never rest on our laurels.