Anyone who manages HR either as part of a team or on their own knows how complicated it can get if you don’t handle it efficiently. One reason HR can be such a balancing act is that you often have to work with multiple parties to deliver the services employees expect from their employer. For example, chances are you work with a payroll or full-service HR technology provider, a benefits broker, a third-party administrator and, perhaps, a compliance expert. Even though each offers a valuable service, it is a lot for you to juggle on top of your day-to-day responsibilities.

As a provider of an enterprise-level, hire-to-retire HR suite and a full-service broker that offers benefits administration and other services, PeopleStrategy offers a Human Capital Management Bundle that makes managing the employee lifecycle much easier. Here are just a few of the distinct advantages of using a single provider like PeopleStrategy:

Why work with a single provider for all of your HCM needs?PeopleStrategy is the ideal solution for preventing HCM operations from sprawling across multiple third-party providers.
Increased savings and efficiency

As a broker, PeopleStrategy is able to offer employers access to our comprehensive HR platform for less than what they would normally pay to a payroll provider who cannot offer the breadth of functionality you need to manage your HR, benefits, talent and other processes. The question everyone asks when they hear this is, “How?”.

It’s simple. PeopleStrategy utilizes the money we make from our insurance business to:

  • Develop better technology
  • Offer small and mid-market employers a Human Capital Management Bundle – consisting of benefits, a comprehensive technology suite and administrative services – for one fixed cost
  • Provide positive and immediate ROI in addition to the intangible benefits you have been preaching to your CFO for years

Additionally, our benefits administration team will manage every aspect of enrolling and delivering benefits to your employees while also helping you to navigate the complexities of today’s healthcare system. This eliminates the need for a third-party administrator and other HR services providers.

Can your payroll or HR technology provider do the same? How about your current broker?

Simplified regulatory compliance

Remaining in sync with the federal, state or local government regulations that affect your organization isn’t always simple, and compliance failures the various providers you work with can easily affect you.

As a fully licensed benefits broker, PeopleStrategy adheres to all applicable legal guidelines and standards of ethical practice. In addition, our compliance team ensures our technology platform is constantly updated to adhere to the payroll, recruiting and onboarding, timekeeping, benefits management and work authorization requirements of the city and state in which your organization operates.

One provider means one commitment to accountability

Choosing a single partner to deliver the essential components of your people strategy and to serve as your broker of record is, undoubtedly, a matter of trust. At PeopleStrategy, we understand this fully and aim to ensure our clients that they’re in reliable hands when they enlist us to serve any and all HR needs.

Clients who choose our bundled solution know there’s no passing the buck on our part – no dodging of responsibility for any problems that might crop up. Whether it’s a technical issue, or the wrong amount was deducted from an employee’s paycheck for benefits, or an employee has a problem when trying to use their benefits, we are the single point of contact. This allows us to address adverse issues faster than what you’d experience with multiple vendors. Human capital management and benefits services are what we know backward and forward, and through the PeopleStrategy bundled solution, we offer that expertise and excellence to you.