The evolution of HRWe read a lot about HR stepping up to fill a more strategic role and using data and analytics to shape a company’s goals and objectives. In larger companies where there tend to be more financial, technological and human resources, this shift is already taking place. For HR professionals in small and mid-market companies, the transition is slightly more challenging for two key reasons.

1. The majority of mid-market companies have not yet invested in the tools necessary to automate and streamline the critical administrative tasks that consumes most of an HR department’s time, and that essential to managing a workforce.

2. While it is true that a wealth of employee data is captured and retained by HR, most mid-market companies lack a way to access, analyze and report on the data, quickly, easily and in real-time.

The good news is the technology that can solve #1 and #2 does exist. Even better, it’s available at a price point that fits virtually any budget.

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