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Make time and attendance tasks a quick and easy part of everyone's daily routine.

Tracking time and attendance is easier with PeopleStrategy

Time Tracking

PeopleStrategy Time supports multiple methods for capturing time including physical clocks that support biometrics and online timeclocks making it easier for your employees to log their hours and ensuring you have a solid audit trail. It's also super simple for employees to request time-off and for managers to approve those requests.

Tracking time and attendance is easier with PeopleStrategy


In addition to meeting regulatory requirements for tracking FMLA and other types of leave, it's important for your company to identify attendance trends that may impact performance. PeopleStrategy Time has integrated reporting to help you satisfy compliance and gain better insight into your organization.

Scheduling is easier with PeopleStrategy


PeopleStrategy Time includes scheduling functionality that allows you to assign and modify employee schedules based on the resources available. It also allows employees to view their schedules and to request to change with others when they are sick or need to take time-off for emergencies or planned vacations.

Intuitive, easy-to-use platform that requires minimal training and gets the job done

Supports multiple time entry methods including online, physical time clocks, timesheets and biometric devices

Automate time-off requests and approvals with Employee and Manager Self-Service

Facilitates approval of time-off requests with a company PTO calendar

View employee clock-in time and scheduled work areas

Tracks different wages for different jobs and projects

Allow employees to “swap” scheduled shifts with appropriate approvals

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A few bonus features to help you use your time even more wisely

Points Tracking/Awards

Provides the ability to monitor punches outside an employee’s regularly scheduled hours; managers are notified when employees meet a defined number of points due to absences, early, late or on-time punches.


Allows you to establish and control where employees can punch in/out; a geo-pin and radius can be set at a location that controls approved physical locations when clocking in or out.


Gain insight into workforce behaviors and patterns to make more informed and strategic decisions with a wide range of standard reports.

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