happy thanksgivingWith Thanksgiving this week, it seemed appropriate to do a “What Am I Thankful For” blog. The list below are comments from a recent employee engagement survey conducted by an independent third-party, Workplace Dynamics.

PeopleStrategy employees are thankful for:

  • The fact that we have a great product and that there is such an intense focus on serving our clients. We are positioned for greatness
  • Growing company with a flexible, friendly atmosphere
  • The support of my manager and growth potential
  • Being a part of a new and exciting time for the company
  • The culture is extremely entrepreneurial and it allows me to feel as if my contributions have a significant impact to the company
  • The sense of accomplishment when a big project is successful and the clients are happy with our results
  • Work life balance is not just a phrase; it is a proven commitment based on policy
  • A very team and family oriented company with strong values for employees
  • Real people that listen
  • From the beginning, I felt welcomed by the PeopleStrategy family. My manager provides guidance to help me to continue to grow and improve
  • PeopleStrategy, both my managers and the executives that govern this company, are open and available to receive feedback on innovations and best practice considerations
  • My work/life balance is a huge benefit. It allows me to be a mother and have a successful career
  • The opportunities for growth; acknowledgement of contributions, and being a part of the success of the company
  • We are changing an industry and I am a part of that
  • PeopleStrategy is a very team oriented company which is very open to suggestions by employees and shares business direction openly
  • I have an open door policy with my manager and he has shown me through conversation and actions that he cares about my personal and professional concerns
  • My manager listens to us and tries to help the team reach goals
  • My manager helps guide me but allows me to make my own decisions and develop my skills as a manager

PeopleStrategy would like to wish our employees, clients, partners, and all of those we have the fortune to meet during the course of our daily responsibilities, a very Happy Thanksgiving.