This question is simply another way of asking, “what goals and objectives do you have to help your company and employees succeed?” HR professionals and company leaders are tasked with not only managing, but also maximizing, the talent within a department or organization. While how companies strive to achieve this objective may vary, there is one common truth for all employers – if you don’t provide the tools, resources and guidance that fosters growth, success and satisfaction, you increase your risk of poor performance, burnout and turnover.

Let’s take a look at three areas your people strategy should address and how PeopleStrategy, and our human capital management bundle, can help.


What is your people strategy?However you plan to maximize the value of your staff, PeopleStrategy has the benefit offerings and tech features you need to fully realize those plans.
Optimizing the recruitment and onboarding processes 

You only have one chance at making a good impression. Your recruiting processes are the first look into your company an applicant just as your onboarding process speaks volumes to your new hires. On your end, these touchpoints are the perfect foundation for a strong people strategy.

First, you have to attract the cream of the crop. According to research from Glassdoor, businesses investing in a premier candidate experience improve the quality of the hires they bring on by 70 percent. Next, you need to assure your new hires hat they’ve made the right decision by providing an easy onboarding process that allows them to get started in their new role even before day one.

How can PeopleStrategy help? Our HR platform includes comprehensive talent acquisition and onboarding features and functions to make the entire process more efficient and enjoyable for HR, hiring managers and candidates. From pre-screening questions and assessments to integrated background screening and job board posting, our suite will help you narrow down your applicant pool to those best suited for the position and your culture. Our paperless onboarding with automated I-9 and E-Verify allows you to tackle required paperwork before your new hires set foot in the door. Instead of hours filling out paperwork, your newest additions can spend their first day meeting their team, learning about the company culture and training in their new role.

Ensuring a positive work-life balance 

Today’s workforce is looking for companies that actually deliver on the work-life balance promise; 53 percent of respondents to Gallup’s State of the American Workplace 2017 questionnaire said a role allowing for stable work-life balance was very valuable to them. Promoting work-life can be challenging for companies as they still need to maintain a high level of productivity to achieve their financial goals. Many have chosen to implement flexible work arrangements (telecommuting or flex hours), innovative time-off policies (unlimited time-off plans, mandatory sabbaticals) and more comprehensive benefits packages that include options to foster physical and mental well-being.

How can PeopleStrategy help? PeopleStrategy can help you promote greater work-life balance in two ways: First, as a fully-licensed benefits broker, we can help you put together a benefits package that meets your employees – and their families – needs. Our goal is to help you optimize your employee benefit program’s financial performance while improving employee satisfaction. Second, our hire-to-retire HCM suite provides robust employee and manager self-service – accessible from any device through a web browser – allowing your organization to complete many administrative tasks (updating personal information, requesting time-off, checking paystubs, enrolling in benefits) when and where it is convenient for them.

Minimizing administrative workloads

Part of bringing out the best in your personnel involves ensuring they have the time and tools to focus on efforts most beneficial to the organization (and, if possible, most fulfilling for their individual development as well). Streamlining, automating and simplifying administrative processes essential to HR can go a long way toward affording that department’s personnel more time to directly interact with employees. Also, this allows the entire workforce more time for strategic initiatives to improve the business’s services as well as its overall environment.

How can PeopleStrategy help? Whatever your people strategy may be, the PeopleStrategy human capital management bundled solution can help your organization successfully execute that strategy.