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PeopleStrategy Co-CEO, Randy Cooper joined host Steve Boese for HR Happy Hour to discuss what the next generation of Human Capital Management (HCM) solutions being developed today look like. Randy and Steve also share thoughts on what #HR leaders need to look for when considering HR technology. Listen now!

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eHCM Mobile: convenient access where you want, when you want

With eHCM Mobile, you can securely access important personal and company information – like a summary of your benefits information – from any mobile device, at any time, in real-time. No waiting for data to download – the information is available instantly via any HTML5-compatible smartphone or tablet. It’s the way business is done today!

It’s Saturday morning. You’re enjoying a quiet cup of coffee on your soon-to-be old couch. Before you head out to find the perfect new leather sofa and recliner, you should probably make sure your paycheck was deposited. Pull out your smartphone, login into eHCM Mobile and, voila!, you instantly know your check was successfully deposited. Spend away!

eHCM Mobile makes it even easier to request time-off, view time-off history and find out whether or not a request has been approved. As soon as you know you need some time away from the office, grab your smartphone or tablet, pull up eHCM Mobile and fire away.