Your Business Is Scaling. Is Your HR Ready?

With a workforce of 500 employees or more, you need HR management services that can scale up with you. You are working with more complicated payrolls, more stringent employment regulations, more compliance and bigger demands on HR staff. PeopleStrategy gets these factors under control for you.

Services to keep you growing

Payroll Processing

Business growth is good for everyone in the company, but it presents its own challenges. End the slow, confusing payroll workflows with PeopleStrategy’s powerful platform. Our “Wizard” guides you through creating, reviewing and finalizing payroll runs in minutes.

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Are your biggest competitors getting the best candidates? Be the first choice for applicants with PeopleStrategy’s platform that gets the word out about your job openings. Our job description builder and applicant tracking system gives you access to more than 4,000 mainstream, specialty and niche career sites that help you reach a wide range of job seekers.

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Time Management

Your business is getting bigger, and with a bigger workforce and larger departments, it’s important to manage company time to make sure everyone’s productive. With PeopleStrategy you’ll be able to manage time for employees with multiple time-entry methods.

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Midsize business benefits by PeopleStrategy

Benefits You Deserve

We help you find the perfect package for your business

In today’s competitive marketplace benefits packages can make the difference between a good employee choosing to work for you or the competition. PeopleStrategy ensures your packages are competitive as you grow so you’re always a first-choice employer.

HR Management by PeopleStrategy

HR Management

A digital transformation for your HR

Many growing, mid-size companies struggle with efficient HR management due to conflicting and outdated legacy platforms and a general lack of focus as the business has scaled up. PeopleStrategy puts your HR on the right track with cutting-edge tools and solutions.

Employee Training by PeopleStrategy

Employee Training

We have a better way to train

Making sure training and onboarding are efficient and cost-effective is a key function of your HR department. PeopleStrategy gives you the tools to familiarize and teach your staff like our online Learning Management System that trains your workforce using just an internet connection.

PeopleStrategy keeps your enterprise on track

As your company shifts gears and moves into enterprise territory, you need an HR platform you can count on to handle the complexities and challenges a bigger company faces every day. Reach out to PeopleStrategy today and let us show you what we can do for your business.