Take Control of Your Biggest Expense Now

The PeopleStrategy platform keeps your teams efficient and productive with multiple time-entry methods, including web clocks and the ability to manage schedules that work for everyone.

Time tracking and time management by PeopleStrategy

Time Tracking

Know where every minute is being spent

There are only so many minutes and hours in your company’s day and the PeopleStrategy platform helps you keep track. Readily view employee clock-in time and scheduled work areas and allow staff to swap scheduled shifts with appropriate management approvals.

Attendance trends by PeopleStrategy

Attendance Trends

Follow attendance statistics

Is there an attendance problem developing somewhere in the company? Look into the data and gain insights into workforce patterns and behavior with easy-to-use attendance statistical reports from PeopleStrategy that you can use to make informed and strategic decisions.

Geofencing by PeopleStrategy


Prevent time clock fraud

If it seems that there are more work hours used than work completed, we have the tools to help you investigate. PeopleStrategy allows you to establish a geolocation that controls where employees can clock in or out.

It’s time for a review of your HR services

A great HR operation should complement, not hinder, the success of your business. Reach out to PeopleStrategy today to find out how our platform delivers a variety of HR services that will help your organization grow and thrive.