Make a Great First Impression on Your Job Candidates

Recruit the best talent and get them interested in your company with PeopleStrategy’s application tracking, sourcing and reporting tools. Use our platform to digitally find candidates with public job posts and create personalized offer letters.

Recruiting and onboarding - PeopleStrategy

Applicant Tracking System

Saving you time and money in finding the best employees

In today’s labor market, if you’re not pursuing the candidates you want for the job, a competitor will be. Hire the right people fast with our Applicant Tracking System. Track and source top candidates and use the integrated background screener to prevent hiring mistakes.

Job description builder - PeopleStrategy

Job Description Builder

Get the word out fast that you’re hiring

Our single-click job board posting gives you access to 4,000 mainstream, specialty and niche career sites that help you reach a wide range of job seekers. We also provide a description builder that helps you write the perfect job description to find the perfect candidates.

Self-onboarding - PeopleStrategy

Self Onboarding

New employees take the initiative to get started before day one

Traditional onboarding can be slow and provide a poor first-day experience for your new hires. With PeopleStrategy’s digital employee onboarding, they’re ready for work when you need them. New employees can self-onboard electronically with I-9 management and E-Verify Transition before their first day, and familiarize themselves with the job.

Your company is ready for great employees with PeopleStrategy

The old saying that a company’s most valuable assets are its employees has never been more true. To find and retain those assets, it’s critical to have an HR platform that you trust will do the job. Contact PeopleStrategy today to see what our recruiting and onboarding tools will do for you.