PeopleStrategy Partner Network: leveling the playing field for small & mid-sized companies

PeopleStrategy Network Partners share our commitment to providing clients with value-added solutions that help them address specific challenges and achieve their unique goals and objectives. Together, we are able to expand our services, reach new markets and build deeper and stronger client relationships.

Who we partner with...

HR Consultants

Your clients look to you as a trusted resource for all things HR, including technology and employee benefits. PeopleStrategy can offer your clients – even those with less than 100 employees – access to an end-to-end HR suite for less than they probably pay for just payroll today PLUS comprehensive benefits services.

PeopleStrategy helps CPAs expand the services you offer your clients

CPAs & Accountants

Most accounting firms or CPAs partner with a payroll provider, but with PeopleStrategy you can offer much more. Your clients have access to a full suite of HR technology as well as full-service employee benefits consulting to complement your accounting services. We serve companies with 50 – 300+ employees.

PeopleStrategy helps benefits brokers expand the services you offer your clients

Benefits Consultants

Yes, we are a full-service benefits broker, but we still enjoy partnerships with brokers. Our broker partners recognize the need to provide access to technology not just to manage benefits but also HR, payroll and compliance. At some point, your clients will look to you for guidance on HR technology and you want to be prepared!

PeopleStrategy partners with technology providers who support HR

Software Providers

PeopleStrategy focuses on providing the SMB market access to solutions that help them manage their core business processes – payroll, employee data, compliance, time and attendance and more. We look to other technology providers or complementary solutions that allow both providers to offer more.

PeopleStrategy partners with associations looking to offer members more services.

Financial Services

PeopleStrategy is a great complement to financial services firms – banks, 401k providers, private equity – looking to offer clients sticky services to help increase loyalty and retention. Services like payroll processing, employee benefits and compliance support can help you achieve that goal.


If you serve employers, your members look to you for recommendations on products and services to help them manage and grow their business. HR technology and employee benefits are critical business needs. Being able to offer them a single provider for both will increase membership value.

Benefits our partners enjoy...

  • Expand your products and services
  • Create new revenue streams
  • Protect your existing client base
  • Reach new markets
  • Increase your competitive advantage
  • Gain insight to help clients achieve their goals as their needs evolve over time
  • Offer clients a deeper relationship

Our partnerships enable us to expand the products & services we offer...

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