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The HR technology space is crowded. Trust us, we know.  As an HR leader, you have myriad choices when it comes to selecting a HR/HCM provider. We hope the resources you find here will help you better understand what is most important when choosing a provider as well as what to keep in mind to ensure you get the most value from your solution.

Change the way you manage HR

Watch this short video to learn more about PeopleStrategy – who we are, what we do, how we do it and, most importantly, what makes us different.

Let PeopleStrategy do your heavy lifting

Discover how PeopleStrategy helps companies streamline administrative processes, save time and increase efficiency. Watch this short video with Lesley Lyons, Sales & Marketing Director for PeopleStrategy and Gavin Morton, SPHR with

No-nos when interviewing candidates

Attracting and hiring the right talent in a competitive job market can be challenging. This video takes a look at some things you absolutely should not do when interviewing job candidates to ensure you have a shot at the best candidates.

Benefits of a single platform

Single point of data entry. Easier access to data for analysis and reporting. One password to remember. Find out more in this short video blog.

3 tips to improve open enrollment

Is your company among the 20 percent that believe their employees don’t fully understand the benefits you offer? If yes (and even if not), watch this video for 3 tips on how to improve communication during open enrollment, and to provide the education and knowledge your employees need to choose the best plan to meet their needs.

6 HR compliance issues to follow

This eBook covers six potential or existing changes that may present compliance challenges for employers this year or beyond. Being aware of them now – and following future developments – can help you prepare strategies to ensure your company avoids penalties and continues hiring top talent.

Choosing a Trusted Advisor

You need to offer a competitive benefits package to attract and retain talent. You also need to ensure doing so doesn’t put your company into financial ruin. An experienced benefits broker can help. But the right one will go beyond simply finding the optimal benefits package. Download the eBook. 

Step-by-Step HR Planning Guide

Trying to build your HR plan for 2018? Check out our free infographic: Strategic HR Planning, Step-by-Step for 5 tips on what to keep in mind.

Vendor Evaluation Checklist

Whether you’re looking to implement HR software for the first time or replacing an existing system(s), the choice can be overwhelming. To help you make the right choice for your organization, PeopleStrategy put together 10 questions you should ask any vendor you consider.

Download the checklist..

The Business Value of HR Technology

According to the 2017 Lighthouse Research & Advisory, 86 percent of of companies experienced benefits or payback from their HR technology within 12 months. Learn more about the value a solution like PeopleStrategy eHCM can bring to your organization. Download the free eBook. 

Take the Stress Out of Open Enrollment

As an HR pro, you want to provide the information and tools employees need to select the right benefits plan for themselves and their families. You want to make it simple and engaging to maximize participation. And you want it to be as efficient and easy as possible to manage. To help you achieve this and more, take a few minutes to read our free eBook.

Strategic Alternative Funding

Do escalating health insurance premiums have you wondering how to offer quality benefits without breaking the bank? New alternative funding options are helping employers of all sizes lower their costs. Download this eBook to learn more about alternative funding and what to consider when selecting the right funding strategy for your organization.

I Love My Work!

Enhancing the Employee Experience with Data

The employee experience applies a mix of engagement, process, daily interactions and culture that helps enhance the employer’s value proposition at every stage of the employee lifecycle. Find out how you can evaluate what experiences your employees value, and how they change over time. Download the free eBook. 

How to Get More Value from Your HR Technology Implementation

Successful implementations require a solid business case and a comprehensive strategic plan. it also helps to partner with a vendor who doesn’t leave you hanging after you sign the dotted line! Here are some tips to help you maximize your implementation ROI.

5 Keys to Creating Value in the Employee Experience

Developing a high-value employee experience can be a challenge for many HR leaders. In this infographic, we highlight the value of engagement outcomes and how companies can create a quality employee experience to drive business results.

The Strategic Value of Integrated HCM

Are you still struggling to get the data and reports you need from multiple HR systems that don’t speak to each other? Are you tired of entering data multiple times? Check out this article on the benefits an integrated Human Capital Management (HCM) platform offers and start building your business case!

Escaping Spreadsheet Hell

Tired of extracting critical data from multiple systems and then trying to manipulate that data to produce the report you need? Still using spreadsheets to gather data to generate a required compliance report? There is a solution. Find out how to escape spreadsheet hell in this article.

Effective, Efficient & Strategic HR

HR professionals at large companies have had the benefit of working with integrated HR solutions for quick some time. Now, mid-market companies have access to the same functionality through Cloud-based, cost-effective solutions. Read this article to learn more about the benefits an end-to-end HR solution offers. 

Other Resources

7 Points of Satisfaction in Buying HR Technology: Sales Process

Written by William Tincup and Jeremy Ames and published exclusively on The HR Gazette, “Seven Points of Satisfaction in Buying HR tech” explores what buyers need to look for or consider in 7 key areas when purchasing HR technology. In this episode, Rick Mahoney, VP of Sales for PeopleStrategy and Jeremy discuss the sales and relationship-building phase. Listen to the show for tips on what you should expect – and demand – during this phase of your process.

HR Tech 3.0 and More of What HR Leaders Need to Know

PeopleStrategy Co-CEO and Chief Product Officer, Randy Cooper, joined host Steve Boese on the HR Happy Hour to discuss some of the big themes and trends in HR and HR Tech as we start 2017. Listen to the show to hear a lively and interesting discussion about the current set of HR technologies, the challenges and opportunities they present, and what HR leaders need to know as they plan their organization’s HR Tech strategies moving forward.

Do You Need a HR System? What Leaders Need to Know

PeopleStrategy Co-CEO & President, David Fiacco, joined HR Happy Hour hosts Steve Boese and Trish McFarlane in May 2016 for an engaging conversation on what HR leaders need to consider when purchasing HR technology. Listen to the podcast for a unique perspective on this topic from experienced industry professionals.

The Impact of Current HCM Trends on HR Strategy and Planning

During this informative session, Trish McFarlane, HR industry expert and former CEO of H3 HR Advisors, discussed how HR leaders are looking to current trends such as predictive analytics, data-driven storytelling and mobile optimization to drive their HCM strategy. She also talked about the importance of focusing on the company’s vision by analyzing forward-facing business measures and predicted outcomes.

Leveraging Integrated Technologies & Best Practices to Master Mission-Critical HR

HR leaders are being asked to be “more strategic,” to strive for a “seat at the table,” or to “be a true business partner” to the managers, yet the truth remains that one of the most important and “critical” roles of HR is to master the aspects of mission-critical core HR functions. During this webinar, Trish McFarlane, HR industry expert and former CEO of H3 HR Advisors, shared her best resources, ideas, and strategies to help HR professionals stay on top of trends impacting core HR, and also discussed the latest technology solutions that can help you perform better and more effectively. Feedback from the event was very positive as attendees learned a few tips and tricks to help them accomplish their 2016 goals.