Let Us Show You How to Do HR Like the Big Guys

As your business reaches for the stars, you can count on PeopleStrategy to be your one-stop shop for a full suite of HR and benefits services. With a growing company of 100 to 500 employees, you need cloud HR software big enough to handle the basics with ease and small enough to care for your valued team. We have your back.

Services that fit your growing business

Payroll Processing

Does it feel like that old payroll software you’ve used for years needs to be retired? Don’t be tied to the technology of the past! PeopleStrategy’s payroll wizard is a helpful, intuitive system that guides you through the complexities of a growing payroll in minutes.

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Struggling to find the right candidates for your open positions? It’s not you, it’s your recruiting system. Reviewing your recruiting process and how you let potential candidates know you’re hiring can be easier than ever with the right tools. The PeopleStrategy job description builder and efficient Applicant Tracking System give you access to more than 4,000 career sites, streamlining your process and getting you in front of people fast.

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Time Management

Keep your teams efficient and productive using PeopleStrategy’s exclusive timekeeping platform. Within one system, you can manage time for employees with multiple time-entry methods. From web clocks to standard, physical clocks, we cover you now and tomorrow.

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Small business services by PeopleStrategy

Benefits You Deserve

The perfect package for your small business

Too often companies with fewer than 500 employees don’t get the attention they deserve from benefits brokers. At PeopleStrategy, you are our number one client. Working with our brokers feels like working with a neighbor. We get to know your team’s needs and budget and find a benefits package that we’d be happy to offer to our friends and family.

HR Management by PeopleStrategy

HR Management

A digital transformation for your HR

The pros at PeopleStrategy know what it’s like to run a small business (We were one, too!) We believe that cutting-edge tools and solutions shouldn’t be for large or global companies. Small businesses are the backbone of your community, and you deserve the best tools to find, onboard and manage outstanding employees who help you grow.

Employee Training by PeopleStrategy

Employee Training

Get your people on the job faster

Big operations invest in employee training and onboarding solutions that familiarize and teach people quickly and efficiently. Partnering with PeopleStrategy gives you access to our online Learning Management System that gets your workforce ready to contribute on day one.

PeopleStrategy grows with you

Your small business needs a partner that helps your HR team work more efficiently and assists you in designing benefits packages your employees will love. If your business plans to continue scaling up, reach out to PeopleStrategy today to get started on a winning HR strategy.