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PeopleStrategy uses the most modern, secure, cutting-edge technology to create an employment software management platform that saves you time and money. See how we can make your HR management services easier.

HR Management - PeopleStrategy

Performance Management

Help your people succeed

The ideal performance reviews are precise and efficient and help create a positive culture in the workplace. Unfortunately, slow paper workflows can drag out the process. PeopleStrategy offers your teams a fully digital process for self, peer and manager reviews.

Time off - PeopleStrategy

Time Off

Reduce confusion about shift schedules

Managing time-off schedules was tricky when your company only had a few dozen workers. As your business scales, you need a system that coordinates time off for hundreds of employees. PeopleStrategy automates time-off requests giving managers the time they need to review schedules.

Compensation management - PeopleStrategy

Compensation Management

Develop and manage compensation plans

Manually managing the compensation plans of a wide range of staff can lead to confusion and errors. The PeopleStrategy platform keeps your employees happy and productive by allowing you to do everything from designing salary grades and merit pay to bonuses and incentive programs.

Self-service HR - PeopleStrategy

Self-Service HR

Designed for your HR team and the employees they serve

With PeopleStrategy, employees can maintain their personal information and access pay stubs, benefits information and more. Role-based security helps managers handle employee requests and queries, approve timecards and streamline business processes.

Get a better HR today with PeopleStrategy

Without an all-encompassing solution like PeopleStrategy, you’re missing out on great candidates who didn’t see your job posting, your HR team is toiling using slow paper workflows and dollars are slipping away. Contact us today to get started using the seamless PeopleStrategy HR platform.