Setting HCM goals for 2019

In just a few weeks, we will say goodbye to 2018. In the spirit of New Year's resolutions, why not consider taking the time to set a few for your business as a whole? (Chances are, these will be easier to stick to than a January gym membership.)

"Start setting your HCM goals for 2019 before 2018 comes to an end."

Look back on the challenges you faced regarding human capital management in 2018. Is there anything you wish you could have done differently? Did anything negatively affect morale or productivity, or your ability to work on meaningful solutions to either situation? It may be time to consider the tools you use for HCM and replace them with PeopleStrategy's agile eHCM solution

Improve training procedures

If you hired new employees in the first quarter of 2018, you've likely seen enough of their performance to have a general idea of their skill sets, strengths and weaknesses. You can also tell how much of their initial training they absorbed. Better training is always a goal that HCM professionals should strive toward. By planning to improve it in the new year, after you've seen how the newest round of hires panned out, you are making a commitment to understanding how your staff retains new skills and communicates across teams.

Recognize the value of incentives

How would you describe the motivations of your employees in 2018? Were they engaged? Did staff have a clear reason to pursue excellent performance? How did they feel about the opportunities your company offered (or didn't offer)?

If you turn up enough evidence to suggest a lack of commitment among a significant number of workers, the first goal for 2019 should be the implementation of an incentive program. Specific rewards will vary by company and can be simple: extra days off for a sustained period or free catered lunches.

Leverage technology more effectively

The breadth of applications for tech in business will only increase, and disrupters will continue to develop new ways to incorporate automation and artificial intelligence into human resources as we know it now. Any failure to take advantage of cutting-edge opportunities that present themselves could seriously impede an organization's HR administration. But by adopting the all-in-one PeopleStrategy platform, you can take a valuable first step in your journey to greater HCM innovation throughout your business.